Application Requirements

1. Complete application with valid identification card and Social Security number.

Quarter (Please check the quarter that applies)

Personal Information

High School:


Graduate School:


Church Relationships

Certification Statement

By my signature, I hereby certify that the information listed above is factual and true. I further indicate my willingness to be a part of FMI Biblical Studies and Seminary and indicate my willingness to conform to the standards of conduct as stipulated in the program manual.

Letters of Recommendation: Please submit two recommendation forms. One recommendation form should be completed by a Pastor or Employer.

Transcripts: We need official transcripts from the schools through which you hold all of your degrees and/or credits. Please have the schools mail them directly to FMI Biblical Studies and Seminary, 128 South Tryon Street Floor 21 Charlotte, NC 282O2. Or, you may have them mailed to you, but do not open them. Once transcripts are open, they are no longer official. If you have them sent to you, then you should send all of them together—unopened—along with your application materials.